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A Peloponnesian War

It is part of the DICELESS series, play without dice, by LUMACA Games!!!

A Peloponnesian War is a game simulating the Peloponnesian War between
Sparta  and Athens  in ancient Greece. Each player represent one of these two important cities and will try to orientate as much areas as possible to its side. The focus is on influence rather than on real wargaming and it is useful for pupils studying the ancient Greece at primary school.

Each turn represents six months roughly.
The map represents Greece in the V century BC and the surroundings, divided into areas, each with its relevant name, connected by lines, which represent the connections between the areas (see 5).
The game scale is based upon Orientation Counters, which show the side which controls the area.

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The game has been published on Parabellum magazine IV as EGEMONIA  !!

Thebes Expansion Kit 3 players


Here is the expansion for A Peloponnesian War; now you can play with Thebes as well!!!

Follow the traces of Epaminondas and make Thebes the ruler of Greece... but beware of Sparta and Athens!